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07.29.09 10 Comments

Bryce Dallas Howard has signed on to replace Rachelle Lefevre as the villain Victoria in Eclipse, the third Twilight movie. Yes, they’re making a third Twilight movie.  They’re probably going to make 12, better just accept it now.

Lefevre played the role in the first pic, “Twilight,” and in the upcoming “New Moon.”  The studio attributed the move to scheduling conflicts. The actress was recently cast in the indie drama “Barney’s Version” opposite Dustin Hoffman, which also has an Aug. 17 start date, only several thousand kilometers east, in Quebec.  Victoria attempts to kill heroine Bella (Kristen Stewart) as she avenges the death of her mate James. [THR]

Uh huh, scheduling, suuure.  Just like when my girlfriend dumped me for a hotter dude – our schedules just didn’t match up!  Relationships are so complicated!  Anyway, considering Ron Howard is himself the son of an actor and director, it’s not surprising that his daughter Bryce would go into the family business. What is surprising is that a Howard came out not looking like a hideous bridge troll.  I think a good idea for a movie would be Bryce Dallas Howard using her hotness to trick guys into doing her, then the next morning Clint Howard bursts through their chest cavity like in Aliens.  Terrifying.

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