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08.07.08 31 Comments

Cloris Leachman claims to have won an Oscar (probably for that silent movie about the guy who can’t figure out why the water won’t come out of his garden hose), so I guess that makes this movie related.  In the video after the jump, she demonstrates the best part of any Comedy Central Roast, confused-looking old people saying really dirty things.  Opening line: "I didn’t come here to roast Bob Saget.  I came here to F John Stamos."  Funny, but she’s leaving the door wide open for a "Clitoris Leachman" joke.

Bob Saget (More like Bob FAG-et! Feel free to use that one.) has had quite the career.  He’s gone from mediocre comedian to wholesome TV star to comedian who makes mediocre jokes about being a wholesome TV star.  Somehow he’s convinced everyone that he’s really dirty.  No grown man should act that embarrassed about saying the F word.  But then, I may be a poor judge, the only things that offend me are speech impediments and The Disney Channel.  

Bob Saget Roast premieres August 19th on Comedy Central

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