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03.04.08 58 Comments

This is the trailer for The Onion Movie which, criminally, is going straight to DVD.  Among the sketches is a preview for a Steven Seagal movie called Cockpuncher, which stars the real Steven Seagal. It’s a shame he didn’t display the same knack for self parody when he was hosting Saturday Night Live

No one seems to know when this will be released, and IMDB lists the director as "Tom Kuntz", which I hope is a joke.  Never has someone so badly needed an ümlaut.  The page also lists Steven Seagal is the first castmember, and no matter how many times I read the line "Steven Seagal – Cock Puncher", I still laugh.  

In related news, those guys who made Meet the Spartans have tragically not died in a gasoline fight accident.

[Thanks to androgynous man child Matt Ufford for the tip]  

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