Commando: The Musical (Now With More Arm Chopping)

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11.03.10 13 Comments

Every few months or so, someone puts together a rap or a musical dedicated to Arnold or one of his movies, and they’re almost always awesome because it’s Arnold. The man illustrated the idea of budget cuts with a giant knife.  Anyway, someone made a three-minute musical using clips from Commando, and it’s shocking that it’s taken this long, because Commando is the most perfect 80s action movie ever made.  There exists no more stunning combination of scenes so nauseatingly wholesome they’d be rejected from a Quaker Oats commercial (Arnold eats ice cream! Arnold feeds a deer!) juxtaposed with AWESOMELY BRUTAL DECAPITATION AND MURDER.  It’s like their target audience was John Wayne Gacy. Oh, and I finally made a gif of Arnold chopping that guy’s arm off with a machete, so you probably want to see that.

Dear Fox: Did you watch this Commando musical?  This is at least a thousand times better than your plan for a remake.

[By JonandAl via GorillaMask]

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