05.05.09 10 years ago
  • Public Enemies, the Old Timey Version.  M’yeah, see?  Needs more Felix the Cat. |ScreenJunkies|
  • Things to do for Star Wars Day.  Me, I got a tribal tat and listened to techno in my car.  I like to mix stereotypes. |HolyTaco|
  • And speaking of Star Wars Day, here’s Star Wars Day with the Pawtucket Red Sox. I think that’s Jimmy Fallon as Han Solo. |RedSoxMonster|
  • “Hands-on Preview” of the Terminator Salvation game. Which is nice beause the girls usually get uptight when I ask for a hand-on preview these days. |G4TV|
  • “My Life as a Sitcom.” It’s like an internet video, but British. |Atom|
  • The Seven Least Intimidating Gangs on the Internet. |NextRound|
  • This dog likes to salsa dance.  Because he’s Mexican, get it?  |CollegeHumor|
  • Every pop song is four chords repeated. |LudditeAndroid|
  • Here’s Baby Goose’s Blue Valentine co-star going full wheelchair. |DailyFill|
  • Summer Movie Preview.  |BullzEye|

Party Dog pic courtesy of EverydayshouldbeSaturday. Sometimes Birthday Dog turns into Party Dog if he drinks too much.

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