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10.22.07 57 Comments

Anthony Hopkins is Everywhere, Focker
In an interview with MTV, Hopkins confirmed that he will be playing Alfred Hitchcock in a movie from director Ryan Murphy (Running With Scissors).  And this only a few days after confirmation that he will be playing Benicio Del Toro’s father in The Wolf Man.  Rumor has it the actors entertain themselves on set by staging talking-slowly-in strange-accents contests. [MTV, /Film]

Hey, Let’s Remake Stuff
An Exorcist remake may be on the way.  Nevermind that it’s already had two prequels and two sequels and all of them sucked, Hollywood never met a dead horse that it couldn’t beat, then resurrect in a zombie movie and beat again in 8 sequels.  Ooh, guess what else – a Child’s Play remake!  Four Chucky movies weren’t enough, so they want to remake the first one.  I’ve said it before, but honestly people, is it that hard to come up with a new idea for a horror movie?  Look at Chucky: It’s a fucking doll with a fucking knife.  How long do you think that took to dream up?  Doesn’t anyone smoke weed anymore? [cinematical, IESB]

Rambo Be Thy Name
John Rambo/Rambo:To Hell and Back is officially just Rambo now.  Reportedly, the studio wants to do a fifth one, and Stallone may be inclined to agree, provided they also finance an Edgar Allan Poe biopic, for which he wants to direct Robert Downey Jr.  Man, can you imagine the results of a syringe mixup on that set?  Downey’d start developing a brow ridge and bacne; Stallone’d be all confused and waking up in little girls’ bedrooms.  You want an original horror movie idea, look no further. [Cinema Blend

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