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10.19.09 26 Comments

Covering entertainment news, we hear all too much about no-talent amateurs who just coast through the business winning jobs based on looks or nepotism.  People like that lazy hack Meryl Streep.  What we don’t hear nearly enough about are those young go-getters who aren’t afraid to go out there and grab life by the junk.  People like the young South African you see here, and his campaign to get cast in Stephen Sommers’ Tarzan movie.  Here’s part of the letter he wrote to movie writer David Poland accompanying the above picture:

I’m a highly self motivated 22- year old bodybuilder and actor. I’m a huge TARZAN fan ( the walls of my room mostly consists out of Tarzan posters and movie stars) and I live and breathe movies…which is why my dream is to one day move to America/USA and become an actor (movie star) there… as California is the film/entertainment capital of the world.

Honestly I dont have that much film experience (I’ve been working with an Israeli fim company to do a comercial shot at Mosselbay, South Africa/ I’ve done some stage acting as well) but I believe that THE WILL TO WIN IS MORE CRUCIAL THAN THE SKILL TO WIN… [OOH WHA-AA AA-AAH!  –Ed.] and anything that I dont know by now I’m willing to learn very fast… It would be an honour to be part of this new TARZAN movie thats now in production by STEPHEN SOMMERS at WARNER BROS.

My personality is very open. I’m an extrovert and an outgoing kind of person.I worked a few years at a local gym where you are constantly working with people which is awesome.

I’m an outdoor type of guy, and like to do a lot of challenging things such as: horse riding/ canoeing /target shooting/ hunting/ swimming/ working out/ mountain climbing/ cycling and anything that is physiqly demanding.


Well there you have it.  The ball is in your court, Stephen Sommers.  I imagine hiring this guy would be a relief after doing all those movies with Brendan Fraser. I have it on good authority that that guy couldn’t canoe for sh-t.

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