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11.02.09 24 Comments

This is the first trailer for Dreamworks animation’s next movie, How to Train Your Dragon, opening March 26th, from co-directors Dean Dubois and Chris Sanders, who previously did Lilo & Stitch.  I’ll give DW a little credit for creativity for this time, because it least it’s not about a Chinese Panda or a Mexican Chihuahua or an Australian kangaroo.  That said, Jay Baruchel seems to be trying extra hard to annoy me as the voice of the lead.  His aggressively average, schlubby everydouche character was already wearing thin the first time he did it and he seems to be laying it on extra thick here.  I don’t get it, why do they keep putting this character in movies?  It’s not interesting and it sure as hell isn’t likable.  I’d take a pedophile or an arsonist over this boring jagoff any day.  Are we supposed to identify with this guy?  Because I have an overwhelming urge to pull his underwear over his head and push his head in the toilet.  What we should do is put the Jay Baruchel character on an ice flow with Kevin James and Kenneth from 30 Rock and nudge it towards Antarctica.

[available in HD at Yahoo]

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