Entourage movie still a possibility, reports No Thanks Magazine

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08.06.10 26 Comments

Last night was the premiere of The Other Guys, which by most accounts is a really funny movie, but of course some jerk had to go and ruin it by asking Marky Mark about an Entourage movie.  From some site I’ve never heard of:

Last night during the other premiere for THE OTHER GUYS, I got a chance to talk to Mark Wahlberg about an ENTOURAGE movie. Here is a little bit of our conversation:

Me: “Are we going to see an ENTOURAGE movie?”
Mark Wahlberg: “We got one more season, the 8th season, and then we are going to go right into the movie…if Vince survives this season”

So, we are definitely going to see an ENTOURAGE movie, and its going to begin directly after the 8th season.

I’m not sure how you take a statement that includes “if” and turn that into “definitely,” but oh well.  The important thing is that there’s a chance that we’ll someday get to see Vinny Chase and his crew of douchey, unlikable friends on the big screen.  Gosh, I sure hope that inexplicably famous C-student with no perceivable charm or talent can land a huge movie role, or else we might not ever get to see his unfunny, d*ckweed friends buy sneakers and go to beer-commercial pool parties.  Man, you guys, wouldn’t it be awesome if those dipsh*ts were us?  Haha, Lloyd, you’re such a f*g.

I enjoy the other possibility, that Vincent Chase might not survive this season.  Maybe he could get sushi poisoning?  Just throwin’ out ideas here.

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