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02.23.10 20 Comments

The folks at FourFour deserve some kind of prize (*points to crotch??*) for digging up Stripper, a 1986 documentary that follows strippers as they head to Vegas on a quest for the Golden G-String Award.  Yep, that exists.  It’s basically the funniest historical document since Wildwood, NJ.  The whole thing is amazing, and after watching it, I only have only one question: …Mom?

Choice quotes: “I can remember I think around 16.  I started to realize I was into different things, sexually, than the usual, normal thing that everybody said was normal.  I began to get into wild clothing… and wild… catalogs.”  [Wasn’t Wild Catalogs a Tim Allen movie?]

“Even though I know this is armageddon and there probably won’t be world peace, I’m here for world peace, and I support the Polish people.”

StrippersConvention-Stripper documentary (1986)

I’m stealing that sign and putting it my yard.  Also, be sure to check out FourFour‘s collection of .gif animations from the film, which are life changing.

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