Supercut: Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie

11.19.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

When our video editor, Oliver told me he wanted to put together a compilation of every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream from every Arnold movie, I told him I thought it was a great idea.  Then when the video showed up and it was seven minutes long, I worried.  Seven minutes is a long time for those of us accustomed to ten seconds of a guy getting hit in the crotch with a fish.  Let’s face it, ten seconds is an eternity when fish are hitting people in the crotch.  Then I watched.  I could not. Look. Away.  I’ve watched it probably ten times now.  You thought Arnold’s muscles were the key to his success?  Wrong.  It’s his scream.  It’s mesmerizing. They say music soothes the savage beast. That may be true. But after having watched this a few times, I now realize that it’s the screams of the savage beast that are the true music.

NOOOOOOOO!!  GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Forever and ever amen.

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