The FilmDrunk Frotcast Best Of 2015 Episode

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At the risk of tooting our own horn, dare I say it, 2015 may go down in history as the greatest year of the FilmDrunk Frotcast. We made fun of a lot of stuff, Matt Lieb improvised incredible songs to the tune of royalty-free corporate rock jams (and invented the “Uptown Girl Game”), and Bret renounced pragmatic hedo-nihilism and declared fealty to shilldom (“I want a slice of that idiot pie.”). It’s a testament to our greatness that the Best Of episode is two hours and twenty minutes long. Wait, how many episodes did we do this year? Okay, nevermind. Anyway, two good hours out of 50 ain’t bad, I guess.

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This episode, by the way, was put together by “Token,” and I think it would be a wonderful thing if you donated a few bucks for all the time he’s spent putting these together over the years. Is this the second or third year he’s done one of these? Someone look into that.

Guests Featured:

Laremy Legel
OJ Patterson
Jane Harrison
Steve Post
Kaseem Bentley
Torio Van Grol
Jason Dove
Matt Ufford

#Content Included:

03:14 – Mama’s Little Piss Boy (Ep 269)
10:39 – Brandon Fromfreemont (Ep 244)
15:11 – Corporate Birthday (Ep 270)
18:09 – Bret hates Viral Marketing (Ep 241)
23:06 – Startup Castle Closes/Lieb’s Brain Feed (Ep 255)
27:29 – Uptown Girl Game (Ep 259)
33:59 – The Lieb Brother’s Shoplift (Ep 271)
44:22 – Idaho Tinder Names (Ep 256)
54:12 – Slut Shaming the Black Widow (Ep 248)
1:04:41 – The Elusive Female Urethra/Italian Fathers, Irish Mothers (Ep 272)
1:14:21 – Jaden Smith and Aerosmith (Ep 272)
1:23:21 – Office Kevin (Ep 262)
1:28:49 – 50 Shades of Lieb (Ep 238)
1:32:53 – Name of the Year Draft Bios (Ep 243)
1:36:00 – Jack White Pens a Letter/Jupiter Ascending’s Beeus Ex Machina (Ep 239)
1:40:10 – Oliver Stone’s Snowden (Ep 255)
1:48:00 – Technology of Future Past (Ep 273)
1:55:10 – The Game’s Instagram Erotic Fiction
2:05:17 – Lieb’s Brother (Ep 271)

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