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Here at FilmDrunk, instead of working on the weekends, we suggest you go back and re-read the best posts of the week.  Here they are:

10. Frank Miller’s Charlie Brown. “Schultz City: That Yellow-Shirted Such and Such.”

9. Three words: Turtle Rape Shoe.

8. Chodin reviewed I Love You, Man. I didn’t like it as much as he did (it was very funny, but also painfully conventional), but how could I not post a review that includes the line, “That’s when an invisible hose extends from your theater seat and milks the funny from your anus.”  But… wouldn’t it be shooting funny into your anus?  Your argument is invalid.

7. Chuck Norris decided he wants to run for Prime Magician of Narnia or some crap.

6. This 4 Fast 4 Furious clip will satisfy your appetite for XTREME GEAR SHIFT CLOSEUPS!  OOH WHA-A AA-AA!

5I weighed in on Watchmen. I think it’s worth seeing and I don’t even like comic books.  But keep in mind, ladies, the penis is CGI.

4. Awesome clip from Tough Guys Don’t Dance (try telling that to Hugh Jackman).  Oh God Oh Man Oh God Oh Man!

3. It’s revealed that George Lucas wanted Indiana Jones to be a statutory rapist.  “It’s just not interesting after 15.”  Amen, brother.

2. RETARDED FIGHT CLUB! That is all.

1. Trailer for the heartwarming soon-to-be indie drama Charley the Retarded Cat. I’ve watched this probably fifteen times and I still laugh so hard tears roll down my cheeks every time.  Granted, I have problems, but still.

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