Fox wants guy from Glee to remake Rocky Horror

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10.19.10 30 Comments

If the bible had been written today, Eve would've had to deep throat the snake to drive home the symbolism

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a super successful movie (grossed $100 million+, considered longest running theatrical release in film history).  Glee has ocky Horror.  (In retrospect, the huge jugs thing may not have been related, but still, important info.)

Glee creator Ryan Murphy just finished an episode of his hit show that is devoted to the camp classic The Rocky Horror Picture  Show. By the time it airs October 26, Murphy might be in a deal to direct the feature film remake. I’m told that he’s being courted by Fox 2000 to direct a remake of the 1975 musical.  Murphy hasn’t committed, but he has met. [Deadline]

Whether this gets made or not (and I’m betting on not), I’m just going to stand far, far away and act like it’s not happening.  Nothing against Glee, whose creators seem like good people, it’s just not my cup of tea.  Like, really, reeeally not my cup of tea.  I realize I might be the weird one for despising virtually all musicals, but it is my firm position that people should only sing when drunk.

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