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Friday Free For All is that time of the week when I post videos that may or may not be timely, newsworthy, or relevant.  Because only people who HATE AMERICA work hard on the Friday before 4th of July. Heh, I said ‘hard on’.  Send your tips to

A lot of people don’t remember that Ben Affleck played Aaron Henry in Lifestories: Families in Crisis in the episode Body to Die for: The Aaron Henry Story.  It’s a shame, because as you can see, this is some of his finest work.  This is TV, and we want kids to not do steroids.  Sure, we could show him prematurely balding or getting a little back acne, but we really have to sell it, and make sure no kids will ever want to do steroids.  So he has to punch a woman, put his fist through a wall, smash a mirror (symbolism!), dislocate his shoulder, pour the rest of his steroids (which look suspiciously like Tums) down his throat, smash his chair, tear his room apart, have a flashback, and crumble to the floor in a heap.  Of course, they don’t show the part where he becomes really good at football and can finally compete with black guys.  For that you have to watch The Program.

For extra credit, check out the Benny Hill version after the jump.  Thanks to Tony for the tip.

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