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06.13.08 55 Comments

Friday for All is a regular feature on FilmDrunk in which I post videos that are neither relevant nor newsworthy.  I’m a dick like that.

This video, which is apparently old, comes from the set of Fight Club, and depicts Ed Norton and Brad Pitt singing a song about penises.  It’s a lot less sexy than it sounds.  Anyway, according to the DVD producer, the bit didn’t make the DVD because Frankie Avalon is an a-hole.

"The Penis Song was something everyone wanted on the disc. Everyone, that is, except Frankie Avalon, who wasn’t amused by the parody of his song Venus. He promised to sue if we used it, so there you are."

Here I am indeed.  I cut the ass off this gorilla suit so I can wear it while I poop. 

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