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06.18.09 37 Comments

In the new trailer for 2012 (the world is ending, just like the Mayans predicted!  With asteroids!  …Uh, or floods!  Wait, no, fire!  Ooh! Ooh! And tidal waves!) director Roland Emmerich blows up:

  • The Capitol building
  • The Washington Monument
  • The Sistine Chapel
  • The USS John Kennedy
  • The… Lincoln Memorial?
  • That big Jesus statue in Brazil (Cristo Redentor?)
  • A Winnebago
  • The Eiffel Tower?
  • An entire train
  • Air Force One

I heard Michael Bay and Stephen Sommers watched this together and started making out halfway through.

SOMMERS: Ah wish ah could quit you.
BAY: (*explosion sound*)*

I also enjoy how every “event-sized” movie has to have a building explode onto the camera during the trailer. It’s like CGI bukkake.

See it in HD over at Yahoo.

*and yes, I stole that joke from commenter Burnsy

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