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11.30.07 27 Comments

A new picture of the Joker from Wizard magazine is online. Getting Wizard Magazine’s subcription list has to be an FBI priority, just below ToyFarer. I feel like this guy must be their target audience.  "Run, it’s a devil dove!"

Oh, but what can I say about ole Joker here?  Slopp-eee.  If you’re gonna put on makeup, take some time, man.  What, are you being chased?  

According to Wikipedia, Heath Ledger made his acting debut in the Australian TV series Sweat, playing a gay cyclist. In 2003 (pre-Brokeback, mind you), "he was named one of Australian GQ’s Gay Men of the Year for acting." 

Um, what?  They gave a "Gay Man of the Year" award to a guy who claims to be straight (insert Michelle Williams joke here)? That’s harsh, I like how Aussies roll.

I picture Heath Ledger in an auditorium full of people, walking up to the podium expecting to receive an award and instead Chopper Reid just puts his hands on his hips and glares at him.  "Oi. Way to act, poof. Haahden the fuck up."

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