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11.11.09 19 Comments

Today is Veteran’s Day, and while I appreciate all that veterans have done to protect me from the greasy Japs and filthy, bucktoothed Limeys, I’m not very good at honest, heartfelt statements.  Luckily we have actual veteran Matt for that.  The only thing I’m a veteran of is a few impassioned tickle fights and working in the porn industry.  But in honor of Veteran’s Day, here’s one of my favorite clips from Da Ali G Show, featuring a veterinarian who’s also a veteran, who’s name just happens to be George Washington.

“So where is, like, the tigers? What about a ‘ippototamus?”

“No, I already told you, this is not a zoo! It’s a farm! Do you know what a farm is?”

“Well it’s like a rubbish zoo, obviously.”

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