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(one of these people did not give up acting *hint* she burned-the-f–k out)

Despite his muscular stature, defined facial features and gold-tanned skin, Hugh Grant is apparently more insecure than Rocky Dennis. Movie blogs are sh-tting lobster claws over a recent quote in which he addresses his vagina-like panic attacks:

I like everything about filming except the acting. I’m wonderful in rehearsals, but I have never been very good when they actually switch the cameras on,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “In recent years I’ve had really bad attacks where I totally froze up. I thought, ‘Well, if I am going to get stage fright, then I am packing it in [no homo]…I realize how ridiculous that makes me look.

Ridiculous? Not at all my good man, not at all.  I mean, I’m just grateful that he’s man enough to throw in the towel before actually geting cast in a movie and making a complete Von Bon Douchenstein out of himself. Personally, it reminds me of the time I spent a summer roofing. I worked for this guy, let’s call him “Dad”, and one day while we were hammering shingles on a church steeple, he turned to me and said, “I f–king hate roofing”. I thought that was pretty funny and ironic, so I asked him, “Well if you hate roofing so much, then why have you been doing it for twenty years?”.  I never got the chance to hear the answer to my question, because he leapt to his death immediately after I asked it. Still though, a pretty funny thing for a roofer to say, right?


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