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This weekend’s box office* is proof somebody F-d up.  Golden Compass, a movie that cost $180 million to make and looks like a Lord of the Rings knockoff (also a colossal bore, btw), was a disappointment, coming in at number one but earning just $26.1 million.

The struggling unit of Time Warner Inc had hoped the film would pull in between $30 million and $40 million during its first three days. [Reuters] 

If you’ll remember, this is the picture based on the anti-organized-religion book that pissed off hardcore fans by cutting the anti-religious parts and got banned by The Catholic League anyway.  In the words of comedian Dave Wiswell at communion, “Body of Christ, huh? Hope I don’t get any dick meat.” 

Meanwhile, Juno, the Michael Cera/Jason Bateman comedy directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody that I’ve been hearing about for months, opened on just seven screens but averaged $60,016 per, one of the best on record. 

Indie comedies: 1, big budget turds: 0.  Besides, everyone knows polar bears are lovers, not fighters.    

*"Box Office" is also the nickname I use for my bedroom 

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