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This is the second trailer for Youth in Revolt, the red-band version that doesn’t cut out the swears.  The plot of Youth in Revolt is pretty simple: Michael Cera is a sensitive puss who can’t get laid, so he grows a Tyler Durden-like split personality who’s awesome because he cusses and acts a total dick to everyone. Have we seen this before? Of course — at least twice in Jim Carrey movies alone.  But who cares?  This has some of the best one-liners since Kenny Powers.

“You get aroused easily?  Don’t stop, Frank.  For all we know, my vagina could be moist with desire as we speak.”

“I’ve created a supplemental persona named Francois Dillinger.”

“So what is your plan, sh-thead?  I’m gonna help you stick your filthy d-ck in this tomato.”

“I’m gonna wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown that you are.”

What a coincidence, my Tyler Durden-style alter ego also stuck his d-ck in a tomato. When my mom asked what I was doing I just screamed “PROJECT MAYHEM!” and dove out the window.

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