Hot Tub Time Machine director doing ‘Teen Wolf meets the Hangover’

03.30.10 8 years ago 24 Comments


It’s always nice to report on an upcoming project that doesn’t make me want to remove my eyeballs and jam them up my own ass, and Werewolves of Reseda is just such a project.  It’s set to be directed by Steve Pink of Hot Tub Time Machine (which I saw over the weekend — what it lacked in sharp dialog and comedic timing it more than made up for in awesome story), and was written by Brian Frank, who has story credit on Hesher, which I rather enjoyed.

According to the tracking boards, the (R-rated comedy) screenplay by Brian Frank tells the story of a group of guys who gradually turn into werewolves, which somehow benefits their suburban family lives.  No more details are available at this time. [via /Film]

Sounds like another 80s-throwback screwball comedy.  Hell, I’d hit it.  But I’ve been huffing a lot of duster lately so I’m not that picky.  The only real question is whether they’ll be able to afford buying the rights to use werewolves from Stephenie Meyer’s estate.

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