I take it back, THIS is the Mormonest movie ever

Senior Editor
05.05.10 12 Comments

Back when Amanda Seyfried, Hollywood’s Mormonest actress, starred in Dear John (remember that movie? the one with Channing Tatum that inspired C-Tates to start that web sizzy about all the things ya boy got mad love for?), I said it was the Mormonest movie ever.  Well I take it back.  Last night I was watching TV and an ad for Seyfried’s new movie, Letters to Juliet came on, and incredibly, it looks EVEN MORMONIER.

How Mormony is it?  Amanda Seyfried goes to a spot in Verona where people leave letters to Juliet (of Romeo and Juliet), and finds a letter written in the 50s.  She answers it, and would you believe it, gets a response!  Which eventually leads her on a road trip through Italy to find the old lady’s (Vanessa Redgrave) long lost love with her and her grandson. In the process, SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH A BLOND DUDE DURING A CAR RIDE WITH GRANDMA.  Oh, and then grandma’s love interest rides up on a horse.  Will they churn butter together and drink decaffinated tea?  Find out this Mother’s Day!  Game, set, Mormon.

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