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After the jump, I’ve got the second trailer for From Paris With Love, Pierre Morel’s follow up to Taken starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  I thought Taken was pretty dumb, but I appreciated the whole Liam-Neeson-shooting-women-in-the-arm thing.  This looks like a similarly straightforward plot — Travolta plays an anti-terrorism spy who’s a bit of a loose cannon, and who in the trailer literally shoots people with a loose cannon.  After Hairspray and some of the other stuff Travolta’s done in past few years, they really wanted to butch him up a bit.  So they gave him a goatee, a shaved head, and a big gold earring, which makes you look either really straight or like one of those mountain-man gays who whittles his own butt plugs.

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