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07.14.09 30 Comments

So it looks like the Chinese remake of Karate Kid, which everyone pointed out should probably be called Kung Fu Kid, since Karate is Japanese and Kung Fu is Chinese, but was still called Karate Kid for a long time, will be called Kung Fu Kid again after all.  God I hate this story.

The co-production between the state-run China Film Group and Columbia Pictures started shooting Saturday in Beijing, Weng said.  “Kung Fu Kid” is being directed by Harald Zwart, who also directed “One Night at McCool’s” and “The Pink Panther 2.”

Will Smith — one of the film’s producers — Chan, Zwart and others symbolically removed a piece of red cloth covering a movie camera, after which Smith gave Chan a hug, according to video posted on Sina.com. His hair done in a huge Afro and wearing a bright red track jacket and blue pants, Jaden Smith stood and waved when he was introduced. His father ruffled his hair when he sat down. [AP]

OMG, did they also breathe oxygen while their hearts continued beating?? This just in: WILL SMITH IS SO GD BORING THAT HE’S CONTAGIOUS!  HE CAN EVEN INFECT PEOPLE WRITING ABOUT HIM THROUGH THE COMPUTER!  (*throws laptop in river, cuts off hands*)

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