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08.15.08 45 Comments

There’s been a steady stream of rumors about Punisher: War Zone. First, there were supposed fights that resulted in the studio firing the director.  Next, the rumor was that the previous rumor about fights was just part of an elaborately retarded PR campaign.  Today, the fight seems to be back on, and the sticking point is that the studio wants a PG-13 movie.  Supposedly.  Which would be odd considering the previously-released R-Rated trailer had that the whole chair-leg-in-the-eyeball thing.  Via LatinoReview:

One of my contacts deep within the bowels of Hollywood and close to the Punisher: War Zone project (source will not be named. Sorry!) told me today that the big fight over the Punisher project is Lionsgate wants a PG-13 cut to be released.  And I’m betting it’s the Dark Knight impact having something to do with this internal battle over the cut of the film. Dark Knight is PG-13 and made a ton of money.

Jesus Christ, people are idiots.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see an alternate cut of My Best Friend’s Girl with Kate Hudson in Joker makeup.      

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