10.09.08 10 years ago 29 Comments

The first of these two latest clips from Max Payne (via LatinoReview) starring Mark Wahlberg illustrates one of my favorite Hollywood movie clichés: A gang of ethnically diverse thugs menaces the protagonist.  Run for your lives, it’s Hootie and the Blowfish! Let’s see… black dude in a do rag, pasty whiteboy with a hipster mustache – hmm, do we have time for a Sikh who helps his Eskimo buddy in a wheelchair up the stairs?

The second clip is an extended version of the shot in the trailer where the crazy winged-demon thing drags the dude out the window.  The slo-mo effect is pretty GD cool looking, but if the creature turns out to be a figment of someone’s imagination I’m going to throw my own poop at the screen like a monkey.  Hi winged demon thing, you’ve got claws on your feet, what’s that like? I was in The Happening, do you remember that movie?  Say hi to your mother for me.

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