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09.16.09 26 Comments

I was hoping to get to this before your mom sends it to you as an email attachment, but Jennifer’s Body just released a bunch of new clips including MEGAN FOX AND AMANDA SEYFRIED’S LESBIAN KISS*.  It doesn’t have MEGAN FOX NAKED or a NIPPLE SLIP MEGAN FOX SCISSORING AN ASIAN STUMP PORN WHORE UPSKIRT CAM, but I guess it’s still pretty newsworthy.  (I realize I already posted the kiss part, but this time the scene is in context.  You know, because that’s important.)  She actually does pretty well in these, acting-wise.  I’m not convinced that she isn’t the terrible actress we all came to know and love in Transformers, but she seems like a good fit for Diablo Cody’s campykitschycutesy dialog.  I gather the plot is that some mean boys went “all Benihana on her ass” and left her for dead and now she’s out for revenge. I guess these slasher movies always have to have some crazy revenge motive. Does it really matter? Just once I’d like to see one where the final scene is, “Huh, I never thought about why I did it. When it comes down to it, I guess I’m just kind of a c’nt.”

*I admit most of my experience with lesbians involves porn and walking the dog in Park Slope, but I always thought a “lesbian kiss” involved tongue.  And/or fisting.

You can watch the rest of the clips below with pre-roll, via Movieweb, or see them in HD over at Yahoo. I’ve said it before and I know it doesn’t earn me any cool guy points, but Adam Brody is awesome.

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