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"Very funny, motherf*ckers."

In a shocking turn of events, The Blind Side author Michael Lewis said in a recent interview that Michael Oher, the subject of his book, wasn’t entirely thrilled with his portrayal in the movie as a noble, helpless slum ogre.  From Bloomberg (via Movieline):

Bloomberg: Have you kept up with Oher, the football player at the center of “The Blind Side.”

Lewis: Yes, but very loosely. Michael liked the book, but when the movie came out he was just starting his rookie year, and I think he was hazed constantly in the trenches. So he refused to go see it, he didn’t go to any of the premieres, he didn’t come to the Oscars — he didn’t identify himself with it.

Since the movie came out, the one thing I’ve heard from him is, “It’s not true that I was that idiotic when I started.” They took surprisingly few liberties, but the few they took really bothered him.

“Look, baby, we know you’re good at protecting the quarterback.  Baby, you’re the g*ddamned Albert Einstein of knocking people down.  What our movie presupposes is, maybe that’s because Sandra Bullock told you to pretend he was your new white family?  This is Hollywood, baby, don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of everything.”

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