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08.13.08 17 Comments

As previously reported, Pride and Glory director Gavin O’Connor was having trouble getting his movie released, and was threatening to hold up Warriors, an MMA movie he was developing.  Today, Pride and Glory finally has a release date, and Warriors, originally slated for New Line, is moving forward with Lionsgate.  I know, I’m as relieved as you are.

[Warriors is] a mixed-martial-arts saga about two estranged brothers on a collision course to fight in a tournament for the heavyweight championship.
…The helmer credited New Line head Toby Emmerich with being "gracious enough to let it go" to Lionsgate.

I bet he even pretended to hold back tears, like I do with skanks when they finally find a ride back to their house the next morning.  Elementary school chicks are so gullible.  Yet so sexy.

O’Connor conceived the drama as a potential trilogy, and Lionsgate will also be involved in a mixed-martial-arts tournament dubbed Sparta that will be launched in connection with the movie.
O’Connor has partnered in the 16-man grand prix tourney project with UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, who will play himself in the film. [Variety]

Every MMA league except the UFC is currently in bankruptcy or hemorrhaging money, but I’m sure the company that gave us Witless Protection are just the ones to make it work.  I mean, it is called Sparta.  This. Is. Sparta.  OMG, that could totally be their slogan, LOL!  Still, many fear that this is yet another setback for Gun Kata

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