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Not only are Seltzer-Friedberg’s movies worse than cancer, now they’re insulting New Orleans or some shit. Because some people think releasing a film called Disaster Movie on the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is in poor taste. Writes Nikki Finke:

The studio that has hawked torture porn for years has now decided to make a buck off the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people, and on the eve of another terrible storm about to strike the Gulf states. “Around these Katrina-scarred parts, Aug. 29 is still — and will be for some time — a black-armband kind of day,” criticized Mike Scott, the movie writer for the local newspaper The Times-Picayune.

Well that’s enough for me. Burn the witches, burn them! I’ll bring the marshmallows! Meanwhile, Lionsgate of course pleads unfortunate coincidence.

“The film does not depict or parody any actual natural disaster, and the release date of ‘Disaster Movie’ is in no way a reference to or joke about the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina,” read a studio statement prepared for The Times-Picayune.

Hold on, Mr. Obvious is shoving me out of the way, he wants to type something – Hey. Why the f-ck did you name the movie Disaster Movie if it has nothing to do with disasters? Okay, I’m back. Getting your feathers ruffled about the name of a stupid movie seems a little silly, but if it means something bad happening to Seltzer-Friedberg, it’s hard to argue with the outcome. It’s kind of like that scene in Schindler’s List where the Nazis make the Jews run around the track naked. On the one hand, that was a really mean thing to do. On the other hand, titties!

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