NEW IRON MAN 2 FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!111!!

Senior Editor
12.15.09 21 Comments

Sorry for all those exclamation points, it’s just that as a movie blogger I’m legally obligated to run around the room like a chimp smearing poop on his own face every time something comic-book-hero-related happens.  But anyway, yeah, here’s a 25-second segment from Entertainment Tonight that shows some highly edited snippets from Iron Man 2 that may or may not even be in the final movie.  I like how they’re just standing on the open ramp of a moving cargo plane making kissy face as if it’s a hotel balcony.  Yeah… if I’m ever anywhere near the open part of a moving plane I’m pretty sure I’ll be holding on to something until my fingers bleed while covered in my own piss.  And Gwyneth Paltrow’s idea of a daredevil is someone who makes eye contact with poor people, so this seems highly unlikely.

I would’ve tossed that bitch off if she threw my helmet like that. *kisses pink Huffy helmet* Don’t worry, old friend, I’d never let a woman come between us.

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