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11.17.09 66 Comments

(That guy supports Team Jacob.  That’s Taylor Lautner’s father, right?  Please tell me it is.)

Videogum has a whole gallery of pictures from the Twilight: New Moon premiere, so you can just go there if you want to see them all.  I’m only picking a few of my favorites, but clearly this represented a cross section of America’s finest.  Like this guy.  He likes America, sleeveless shirts, and vampires that sparkle. I think that was a Bob Seger song.  Or this girl, the one behind the girl in the front.  She wants to be “a stupid lamb.”  Or possibly a stupid lamp, it isn’t entirely clear.  Regardless, it’s good to have ambitions.  Then there’s these girls, who support the Cullen diet, while standing behind a lady who doesn’t seem to support any diets.  Diversity is beautiful.  Meanwhile, the girl in the front right is enjoying her one day of the month outside. Anyway, I just thought you guys should enjoy some of these photos, because a lot of good cats went hungry for this.

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