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10.08.09 13 Comments

Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus opens on Christmas Day, which is fitting since its star Heath Ledger now lives in an enchanted castle with Jesus.  I’m honestly not sure if this is even a new trailer because it seems like I’ve already posted 10 of these and the opening’s still a few months away.  It’s received mostly mixed reviews in its festival screenings, but I’ve always tended to like Terry Gilliam movies more than the critical consensus — rare for a prick like me.  And you can tell this one’s going to be really impressive because the epic opera gasp choir gets quite the workout.  I’d like to borrow them as my personal background music.  They could build to a crescendo right when I took my pants off, that way it’d really drive home the point that when the girl sees my weiner, she’s witnessing something miraculous, like the birth of a unicorn.

Also: does anyone else think it’s a big tease to have one of the big lines in the trailer be “Nothing is permanent, not even death.”?  It makes you expect the screen to lift up and there’s Heath Ledger on the stage, riding a white pony and holding sparklers in both hands.  They should look into that. I mean talk about a publicity stunt.

[via Yahoo/CHUD]

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