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03.06.09 26 Comments

Lost/Cloverfield creator JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie has a new trailer out, and once again I have to say that it looks surprisingly watchable. Plus, Bruce Greenwood is in it, and he’s like Jesus, but better.  It’s weird, every time I see a trailer for this I think I’ll probably see it, but then I see posters of Spock at the theater and I want to run far, far away.  Every time I look at this guy I hear Amber Alerts.  Seriously, he’s creepy as f-ck.  He looks like a condom with eyebrows.

But to get that unsexy image out of your head, know also that Diora Baird is also in this, and she’ll be playing “Orion Slave Girl.”  That’s solid casting, because Diora Baird has magnificent tits. The tits of the future, really.

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