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Twilight Saga: New Moon just released three new posters, and the clear winner is awkward eye contact.  The posters feature the Cullens, Dakota Fanning’s Volturi (GRR, VAMPIRE POLICE!), and those greasy ethnic werewolves who specialize in shapeshifting and tempting white women, respectively.  But in each case, their direct gaze seems to say, “I desperately want to eyeball f’ck you, but you’ll have to settle for eye-blowjobs until we’re married.  It’s much sexier this way, no?”

Meanwhile, the creeper award goes to the guy in the top right corner of the Cullen poster.  Jesus he’s scary. It looks like he’s been taking acting lessons from the Fame kidMake love to the camera!  Yes! Yes!  Now, put your jazz hands down its pants!

[via Yahoo]

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