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07.16.09 27 Comments

Nic Cage recently sat down with MTV, who asked him about the possibility of Ghost Rider 2.  Cage was cagey (hee hee, wordplay!), but says he wants it to happen, and thinks it should be less a sequel and more a “reconceive.”  Yay, I love it when he nouns verbs!

MTV: So what exactly would you want to re-conceptualize?
Cage: I would make it much less of a western, and more of an international story. [Ghost Rider was a western? –Ed.]
MTV: So you’re more interested in Europe, and the church, and that sort of a thing?
Cage: Yeah.

So there you have it, Nic Cage wants to make a movie about a biker with a flaming skull, reconceived in such a way that it would involve the Catholic Church. But honestly, the best part of this interview was Nic Cage looking this thoughtful:

While sitting next to this picture:

So tell us, Mr. Cage, what sort of Eastern philosophies did you draw on for your role as Speckles the Star-Nosed Mole?  Was it a method performance?  Did you do a lot of Tai Chi?  Perhaps a master cleanse to clear your mind?  Please, take us into your process.

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