Uh… good story, Nic Cage.

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10.21.10 13 Comments

With so many worthy causes in the world, the question of how to raise awareness for your particular mission is one every non-profit must face.  If you’re the UN, you just connect any celebrity you can think of with any charity in the most random way possible, like the Family Guy manatees.  That’s how I assume Nic Cage came to be the U.N.’s goodwill ambassador for global justice.  He recently gave a speech on the topic of international organized crime in Vienna, and you should definitely watch his speech here.  Here’s some of what he had to say:

I think at some point, I decided to stop being an actor and start taking ac-TION. […]  I met a young girl who had been the sex slave of a rebel leader and bore his child.  I met a boy who was forced to kill his own sister at gunpoint.  And I was told about an 8-year-old boy who was made to eat his 15-year-old brother alive.

…I’m listening.

Anyway, the video cuts off right after that, but I can only assume his next line was, “If transnational organized crime was a woman, I would dress like a bear and punch it in the face.”

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