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While patrolling the Syrian border, Marine Major Brian Dennis found a stray dog he named ‘Nubs’ because Iraqis had cut its ears off as a puppy.  He later nursed it back to health after it was stabbed in the side with a screw driver (lovely people, those Iraqis, I’m sure).  Later Dennis was ordered to move his unit and had to leave Nubs behind, but Nubs tracked him 70 miles through the desert while wounded.  Now someone wants to turn the story into a movie ,and in related news, I think something’s wrong with my eyes.

Warner Bros. is [cutesy pun omitted] signing on to acquire and develop “Nubs,” a feel-good story of a pooch and a U.S. Marine based on a publishing sensation.
In addition to Dennis’ life rights, filmmakers have acquired the top-selling children’s book “Nubs: A Marine, a Mutt and a Miracle,” which Dennis wrote with Mary Nethery and Kirby Larson. The Little, Brown Books for Young Readers title was published two weeks ago and sits at No. 4 on the New York Times children’s best-seller list. Justin Zackham (“The Bucket List”) will write and produce the film. [Yahoo]

I think it goes without saying that animal stories are way cuter than human ones, probably because of the soft fur.  Oh yeah, you’re homeless and hungry?  Well maybe you shoulda thought of that before you got schizophrenia.  What’s that? Your lab puppy has a hurt paw? Quick! Take my whole wallet!

Nubs on CNN:

Nubs on Conan:

Nubs in a NOFX song:

Okay, different Nubs. Awesome song though.

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