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This is the video for Owl City’s fruity song, “Vanilla Twilight.”  The director did a wise thing in interspersing Shaquille O’Neal cameos throughout the entire thing, astutely anticipating that even a few seconds of random, Shaq screen time would be enough to keep me watching through the whole thing even though I had no interest in the song or video.  Am I retarded for laughing at this?  Or is it just brilliant?  Shaq needs to be a movie star again. I know, I know, Kazaam. But I think the mistake was in trying to make Shaq carry entire movies, especially ones about genies and whatnot.  A better use would be to just have him around for reaction shots in Roland Emmerich movies.

*Meteorite destroys Eiffel Tower*


SHAQ:  Whoa.

Tell me that wouldn’t make the movie at least 50% more entertaining.  …Oh I’m sorry, was this not movie-related enough for you?  Okay, fine.  After the jump, check out Al Pacino in the HBO biopic of Jack Kevorkian, You Don’t Know Jack.  I’m guessing it’s about a guy who helps people kill themselves when they get depressed about computer trivia games.  God that’s an awful title. See, people?  This is why you don’t name your movie after the Variety headline.

[Shaq video via HitFix, You Don’t Know Jack via Playlist]

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