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12.07.07 155 Comments

The guy who wrote The Grudge says his production company is working on a film adaptation of Monster Island, a serialized novel about, get this, a post-zombie apocalypse New York City.  Holy crap, what an idea!  Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

"The novel lays the foundation for a zombie film the likes of which no one has ever made or seen – a couple dozen people against forty million zombies on Manhattan Island," he says. "And this isn’t a group of people trapped in a room, trying to hold back the tide – this is a head-on collision, a battle that nearly destroys the entire city. My producing partner and I have teamed up with a visual FX company to realize this book as it should be realized — as an epic, 300-esque horror action film that will blow people out of their chairs." – Stephen Susco [via Shocktillyoudrop]

So apparently, to create a fresh concept, all you have to do is take an old concept and add zombies. I’ve created a few myself: 

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