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03.05.10 31 Comments

Bro. Dude. Bro. I got the best idea. *takes huge bong load* We should spend $100 million. On a movie about *blows out smoke* CGI owls that fight. *cough, cough*

So this is the trailer for Legend of the Guardians, Zack Snyder’s $100 million CGI animated adaptation of Kathryn Lansky’s The Guardians of Ga’Hoole books, featuring the voices of all your favorite Australians. And yes, it’s about Owls that fight.  And here I thought all owls were four-eyed poindexters who sat around pondering the finer points of tootsie pops. Said the voice of Hugo Weaving, “Not us, mate.  Weah focken’ baaahn owls.  It’s the dingos that hoide theah babies from us, the cunts.”   Anyway, movie opens in September and it’s the latest addition to Zack Snyder’s thesis: “Slow Motion Makes Anything Look Cool.  Literally Anything.”


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