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06.12.09 16 Comments

The man on the left masturbating a shiny gold butt plug is Peter Morgan, who CHUD reports will be writing the 23rd James Bond film, along with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.  Morgan last wrote Frost/Nixon, which I heard was good but didn’t see because I’m allergic to Ron Howard movies, as well as The Queen and Last King of Scotland.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade previously worked together on Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Die Another Day, and The World is Not Enough.

So how do three writers work together on the same screenplay?  My guess is that Morgan will write the first draft, to which Wade and Purvis will add in the references to Aston Martin, Coca Cola, Omega watches, Sony electronics, the Ford Ka, Avon perfumes, Rachel Ray dog food, and the new Gatorade Space Jizz.

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