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08.08.08 33 Comments

The news last week was that Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander was MIA during the Comic-Con panel.  The rumor going around was that she’d been kicked off the project.  But according to CHUD, the story was all part of a scheme.  A scheme whose needless complexity was equaled only by its complete retardation.

With Punisher: War Zone, all of the signs point to a worst-case scenario: behind the scenes infighting, recuts, honeymoons, studio spin and the like. All the dust kicked up at Comic-Con has got everybody in a tizzy, but a few days ago I had a chance to speak to someone very close to the film, and that contact assured me – without knowing I’m in the position I am to disseminate this kind of information – that most of the drama is a bunch of hooey. Hype. Hullabaloo drummed up to generate more interest in the film. Lexi Alexander is still the director and the cut will be locked in a couple weeks.

I’m inclined to believe this is bogus for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the author’s use of “hullabaloo”, “hype”, and “hooey”.  Just seems like someone’s overcompensating.  But if it is true, spreading the rumor that your film is a hacked-up disaster is probably the stupidest marketing scheme in the history of the world.  Hey, did you guy’s hear about Tony’s Pizza?  Yeah, I heard about Tony’s Pizza, I heard rats shit in the dough.  Well I heard Tony stirs the sauce with his dick.  Dude, my cousin’s friend Steve ate a slice of Tony’s pizza last Saturday?  His asshole fell off.  Psst, you think they’re buying this?  Oh yeah.  By this time next week everyone’s gonna know about Tony’s Pizza.  It will be the most talked about pizza place in the world… *maniacal laugh*

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