Really, guys? A Hitman sequel?

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05.24.10 25 Comments

Hitman came out a couple years ago, it didn’t make that much money ($39 million domestic), and pretty much everyone said it sucked.  Which in Hollywood means… yay, let’s make a sequel! Hookers and cocaine for everyone!

Greenlight my acute sense of apathy, Deadline:

20th Century Fox has Spanish helmer Daniel Benmayor in the crosshairs to direct Hitman 2. Will original star Timothy Olyphant return? That is unclear at this point.  Benmayor, the Barcelona-born NYU grad created a following shooting Spanish commercials for  Sony PlayStation, Renault, Mercedes, Heineken and Samsung. His feature debut came on the Spanish language action film Paintball, in which adrenaline junkies get dropped in a dense forest for a paintball match, and find that someone is using real ammo.

Daniel Casey has written the most recent draft, which Kyle Ward was originally hired to write. The sequel includes elements from the vidgame Hitman 5. Agent 47 is a beaten man and must build himself back psychologically and physically to reclaim his mantle as world’s most feared assassin.

A foreigner who directs commercials is handling the unwanted sequel to a film based on a video game?  Why, this sounds great.  Oh hello there, dismissive wank, I didn’t even hear you come in.  Sit down, sit down, there is much to discuss.

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