Sacha Baron Cohen accused of assault at gay rights rally

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10.27.10 20 Comments

A photographer and not-at-all-fame-seeking-bottom-feeder named Mike Skiff has filed a lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen and the crew of Bruno over a 2008 incident in which Skiff claims he was assaulted at a Prop 8 rally (the proposition that banned gay marriage in California).  Skiff even caught the event on YouTube, which you can watch below.  It’s terrifying, in that you can clearly see a member of the Bruno crew stretching Skiff’s hoodie vest.

According to the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, members of the “Bruno” crew “carried ‘Yes on Proposition 8’ signs contrived for the sole purpose of inciting and sparking unrest to enhance the dramatic effect of what they may capture for their film.”

In the suit, Skiff claims he began to shoot the “Bruno” team when they approached him — “violently confronting [Skiff] with the threat of being clubbed with wooden signs.” [‘violently confronting with the threat,’ i.e. a threat that wasn’t actually violent. -Ed] Skiff says the alleged attack was designed to prevent him from filming the event.  Skiff claims he was shoved, pulled and wrestled by  “Bruno”  — causing serious injury. [TMZ]

And by “filming the event,” Skiff apparently means “jumping between Sacha Cohen and the other cameramen while yelling, ‘Bruno! Bruno!'”

Reports say Skiff is suing for an “unspecified amount.”  I hope it’s a lot.  He should sue for at least enough money to build a time machine and travel back to an Old Navy in 2004 so he can buy a new vest hoodie, plus another eight bucks.

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