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Following his star turn in the MMA-meets-The OC drama Never Back Down (some folks are already talking Oscar) Sean Faris is back in another hardass-sports movie, Forever Strong, about a prison rugby team ["prison rugby" is also a great euphemism for gay sex].  As a former college and men’s club rugby player and current muay thai enthusiast, I’m thrilled with the way Hollywood is portraying my favorite sports.  I expected them to cheapen and sensationalize them like they do everything else, but Sean Faris is the perfect choice.  With his high cheekbones and lanky, hairless body, he reminds me of so many of my friends and teammates who get hit in the face all day.  In fact, we all look exactly like that.  And our manager looked just like Sean Astin.  Come to think of it, I think it was Sean Astin.

Bonus observation for the other three rugby players reading this:  I especially enjoyed them showing him wearing number 14, then number 12, and then being in the front row for a scrum*.  This guy can do everything!

*Explanation for the three non-rugby players who care: Forwards, the players who are involved in a scrum, wear numbers 1-8. Backs, the players who aren’t in scrums, wear numbers 9-15. Higher numbers are reserves.

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