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06.02.09 31 Comments

Wow.  FilmDrunkards predicted this one.  Back in March of ’08, commenter Burnsy wrote, “Was Where’s Waldo a graphic novel? I’d like to see a movie based on that.”  Dammit, Burnsy, you know Hollywood people don’t understand sarcasm.

Several studios were in on the search, but Universal and Illumination Entertainment were the ones who found “Where’s Waldo?”
U and Chris Meledandri’s family film unit have acquired screen rights to turn the “Where’s Waldo?” book series into a live-action family pic. Deal was worth high-six against seven figures. Meledandri will produce.
Among other bidders, Warner Bros. chased the property. [Variety]

To recap, not only is someone making a Where’s Waldo movie…

  • There was a bidding war
  • They spent at least a million dollars for the rights

I’ve said as much before, but I guarantee you business meetings in Hollywood involve the new guys Polish boxing while everyone throws oranges at them.  But hey, you know who should find Waldo?  Liam Neeson.  He has a very particular set of skills.

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