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The latest news on Rough LaBeouf’s DUI-related injuries is that he may have to have his left pinky amputated, which means he’ll either have to start drinking tea without his pinky raised, or switch to his right hand, which ideally should be free in order to greet well wishers.  Ghastly options, both.  Being that I’m part of the movie blogosphere, the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is, "OMG, but, like, how will this effect Transformers 2!"  director Bay tells Access Hollywood:

“I spoke to him yesterday in the hospital. His two fingers are pretty mashed, but we’re figuring out a way to shoot around it, kind of write it in the story.”

Meanwhile, /Film says:

But one must remember that Hollywood does not shoot a film in sequential order. I’m not sure how it would be possible to write an injury into the story without major reshoots. 

One must also remember that this is a Michael Bay movie we’re talking about.  I’m sure a finger that is or isn’t there is going to be the least of its continuity problems.  One most also remember to stay away from my stash.  When one messes with the bull, one gets the horns.  Anyway – wait, there’s more!  Bay also claims LaBeouf wasn’t drunk at the time of the accident!

You’re gonna see — that’s gonna go away,” Bay said. “That’s fresh news… He was not drunk. He was drinking hours and hours before.” 

Bay wasn’t at the scene of the crash.  Someone who was says (and this is my favorite part):

“He was dancing around and acting really crazy,” the source claimed to UsWeekly. “He kept doing shots of whiskey.” 

Hello, UsWeekly?  Yeah, hi, I was at that Shia Labeouf crash.  Dude, it was crazy!  Shia kept huffing gas and calling himself the angel of death – then he kicked my pregnant sister in the gut and gave birth to a porcupine! I’ve never seen anything like it, he was so wasted!  *hangs up phone, rubs hands together*  And now we wait… 

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